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A Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started

Finding your path can be a tough decision. There are a lot of great options where you can continue your education or start working through a Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Step 1

Find something that interests you

Access easy-to-use resources that help align your skills with great job opportunities in Iowa.

Step 2

Find Additional Resources for Career Exploration in Iowa

Research your career options in the state using current information about occupations in Iowa.

Step 3

Talk To Someone Who Can Help You Get Started

Contact your area college, university, technical institutions or IowaWORKS office to learn about your program and the opportunities available.

Step 4

Create A Plan To Pay For Your Education And Training

Visit the Student Aid Website to learn about scholarships available for your program. Submit applications as soon as possible.

For Registered Apprenticeship Programs, you will earn a paycheck while learning your job. Visit www.EarnAndLearnIowa.gov for more information.

Step 5

Apply To Your Program

Applications may vary by program. You can submit your application online or through a program coordinator.

Some applications may require transcripts or diplomas from prior learning experiences.

Step 6

Begin Your Education Journey

Work with your advisor or program coordinator to plan out training milestones.

Plan ahead to work with the new training schedule.

Reach out to your network for support and advice throughout your journey. (Family, friends, mentors, career advisors, ect.)